Organic, Natural and GMO


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What about Organics, Natural, and GMO?

Organic Food Production

In 1990 the US government passed the Organic food act which in part controls the use of the term "Organic". The passing of this act was under the guise of preventing the public from being deceived, but it was really a book of ruses; see for yourself. It was the government who would actually be doing the deceiving in the end; nothing new there. What it would really do is line the account of the USDA with costly fees required of the farmers for the use of the word "Organic". The foremost big lie is that it wouldn't hurt small farmers. It would though because just like many governement lies, it only exempts tiny farmers that sell less than $5,000 worth of product. You see crooked politicians figure if the public is willing to pay big $$$ for "Organic" products, they might as well get some of the money, hence the law, that's the bottom line. See this site, The USDA Organic deception.

Organic as defined by Webster's definition of the word is much different than what the government calls Organic in it's crooked act. We are not Organic "certified", nor will we be in the future. Since we choose not to grease a crooked government we must stay a tiny farmer, below the $5,000 threshold. The passing of the Organic food production act in 1990 is nothing more than a play by big government to get fatter on a piece of the action, the money that the public is willing to spend. This act also keeps small family farms non-competitive because they either pay-up or go out-of-business and it is usually the latter. As a consumer, you should be aware of what a given term means under government definition is very different from what you might think. Don't ever believe that "Free Range", or "Cage Free" means that Chickens are roaming around; far from it, but there you have "Government Organics".

What is GMO?

GMO = Genetically Modified Organism. This is not the same as breeding something to produce a better product, but rather requires genetic modification through artificial means by inserting organisms from one product or organism into another usually unrelated product. Is it always bad? Not likely, but then no one really knows. It's because of the fact that no one really knows that make most people think that that all GMOs are automatically bad. By itself in most cases, its probably not harmful. The problem is that it's not always "by itself". Take "Roundup ready" GMO corn and soybeans for example. The corn or soybean and the resulting product itself may not be harmful, but when the field it is being planted in is sprayed with Glyphosate just before planting, the plants grow with residual Glyphosate which would have otherwise killed non-GMO seeds and/or the resulting plants. Glyphosate is harmful.

Regulation of the word "Natural"

Further extending control over words, the government passed, and president Obama signed into law H.R. 1599 which now mandates government control of the word "Natural". None of this regulation does anything to make something better for the public whom these crooked politicians claim to be protecting; rather it makes another means of income for a greedy and irresponsible government. Soon farmers won't be able to claim that the products they produce are natural without greasing some arm of the government. The only real crimes that are being committed are these atrocious laws. It's not some hard working farmer who's trying to rip off the public, it's the crooked politicians always looking for another way to fill their squandered coffers.