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Are Natural Dairy products and Farm Fresh Meats safe?

What is "Raw" anyway?

When we say "raw", it carries the connotation that maybe whatever we're associating the term with should be cooked, or at least otherwise prepared because it's not quite done as it is. For that reason I prefer to use the word "natural" with regard to milk, because milk is ready to use just as it comes from the source. If we weren't meant to drink milk in its natural state, I think it would come from mom's breast cooked, but it doesn't. Pasteurization isn't natural and it doesn't make milk fresh; far from it. For those reasons and many others, I'll take my milk natural. Commercial processing doesn't make everything safe, take a look at this page, and this: Three times more people get sick from pasteurized milk, page 10.

Natural Milk and Dairy Products

Governments are always looking for new methods to fill their squandered coffers, and they found a way they could fatten up a little more by controlling farms. People have consumed natural dairy products for thousands of years completely free of control by crooked governments and greedy politicians. To make matters worse, we have evolved into a society where crooked, greedy lawyers have managed to ruin the country as they seek ways to fatten their bank accounts and make a name for themselves. Before this greed changed things, there was this thing called "Barter" whereby persons of one trade or profession would exchange their products or services for that of another, or simply work for what they needed. Barter systems did not line the pockets of politicians and fatten governments and corporations. Unless you pay tax on the value of the barter, bartering is illegal today.

In order to take control of something, someone usually has to be paid off, laws need to be passed and people need to be brainwashed. In the case of dairy this is accomplished by convincing politicians through lobby efforts that dairy needs to be controlled. Those with financial interests such as large dairies and greedy lawyers make great hype about pasteurization which is really nothing more than a license to be filthy and careless in processes because pasteurization compensates for it. Forget that people still nurse their babies though maybe rarer now-a-days. Consuming the milk from a cow that has been properly washed and handmilked is no less safe than any mother nursing her baby. You are far more likely to consume poisons and contaminations from just about anything commercialized despite the rules, procedures and inspections. The only difference is a greased government in the mix.

If you think about it, this is all from the same governments that allow small amounts of otherwise deadly poisons to be added to products as preservatives. Of course these various otherwise poisons are added in such small quantities that people are unaffected on the surface in any way that can be observed, yet we have all this increase in diseases for which we have no cures nor explanations. But, crooked politicians and lawyers sit on very fat wallets.

Have you ever noticed that if someone were to happen to get sick from consuming Raw milk, you would certainly know that they consumed "Raw" milk. However, if someone got sick from consuming commercial dairy products, they will never say that someone got sick from consuming pasturized dairy products. People get sick from consuming products which have been contaminated by large commercial operations hundreds probably even thousands of times more frequently than they do by purchasing farm fresh products, but you won't know that. That my friend is the brainwashing part brought to you by your crooked government. See this one-sided report from a lawyer on share agreements, but read the comments below where the truths are really told!

Meat Products

Why can't you buy meat from your neighbor? You could for thousands of years, and all the way up until sometime in the last 60-years. Again, as with Dairy products, corporations and governments weren't getting greased in the process. You can go out and shoot your own deer, bear, pig, turkey and just about any other kind of wild game and consume it, but if you think about it, you have to grease the government to do it by purchasing an expensive license. In some cases you even have to buy two or three licenses. You can also buy a live animal from your neighbor and kill and eat it yourself to. What you can't do though is let your more experienced neighbor farmer do the dirty work and just sell you the meat.

The vast majority of people are not going to hunt and butcher their own meats so that leaves lots of room for commercialization. Commercialization introduces the possibility of gross contamination far more than your local farmers meats would. Commercialization also opens the door for corupt governments and political greasing which in turn results in the prices of products being much higher than they could have been to the end consumer. But lucky for some, a lot of middlemen and politicians got their pockets lined in the process.

If government control and commercialization was so much safer and cleaner you wouldn't keep hearing about all the recalls because someone got sick and maybe even died from contaminated foods. It doesn't have anything to do with dairy or meats either because far more people get sick from contaminated leafy greens than any other product on the planet. What is crystal clear is that it is gross commercialization that results in contaminated products more than anything else. Governments are greased, corporations get fat and people still get sick and die. In the end the only thing the governments really care about is that somehow they got greased in the process and they will pass any legislation necessary to ensure the same. Never forget that governments are made up of politicians; it is those politicians who are ultimately responsible for all the crookedness in any government.

Food for the Masses

There is no doubt that in order to feed the masses of the population that exist in the majority of the world it does take a great amount of commercialization. Afterall cities with millions of people can't have farms in them. The whole point here is that governments shouldn't outlaw the basic right of people to go straight to a farmer and purchase goods from him. At the same time when someone elects to go straight to the farmer, they need to take responsiblity for their choices. A realistic and fair solution would be to exempt a farmer with less then x number of employees from restrictions. Even the smallest farmer will need to have at least a couple of employees from time-to-time.

License to be filthy

Pasteurization and the addition of countless chemicals that preserve or sanitize foods has allowed a new level of filth throughout the whole chain of food production. The common consumer will never know this nor will they care. Fast food joints thrive, which is the biggest show that the general public doesn't really care about health or the contents of their food. I mean take a simple loaf of commercial bread (even the "most healthy" brand), and look at the ingredients. It is to long to list here, much less with the dictionary or encylopedia that would be necessary to deciper it all. Then you wonder why, when tasted next to homemade bread that contains six ingredients, commercial bread tastes like cardboard. Cardboard is probably safer to eat, it's only got one ingredient, wood.

Do you really think the human body doesn't pay a tax when you put all those chemicals in it everyday? Yet people blame everything else for their health conditions. Humans have been conditioned to think certain flavors are normal. Just like molasses is used to flavor feeds so livestock will eat non-nutritious fillers, sugar has been used to flavor just about everything made so humans will eat it, and they do. You will find almost nothing that doesn't have sugar added to it in one form or the other. On our farm we don't buy any sugar for our consumption. If we want sweetner, which we only use for specific things, we use either honey or Maple syrup both of which are completely natural and Organic. Neither are chemically processed like common sugar, and neither have any other ingredients.

But... are natural products safe?

Food safety comes down to cleanliness throughout the entire process more than anything else. If your local farmer is doing all he can to keep the milking process clean and you trust that he would throw away what needs to be thrown away, then I believe that natural milk is far safer and healthier than anything you will find at the grocery store regardless of the brand or what is proclaimed on the label. I also think you should take a trip to your local farmer and tour his operation to satisfy yourself, maybe volunteer to help, most farmers can use a good hand.

Remember that throughout this web site I have stressed the same thing over and over, cleanliness. It doesn't matter what you do if you don't maintain cleanliness. Take the time to visit the farm where you will own a share and watch the process; if it isn't clean go somewhere else. Commercial surely doesn't mean clean either as I have demonstrated throughout this site. Commercial things are treated in many ways, often with deadly chemicals which are legal, leaving the appearance of something that is healthy or safe, yet far more people are sickened each year by legal products. See the following documents for more information:

  • Hygeine in Milking.
  • Three times more people get sick from pastureized milk than from raw milk. See page 10 of this lengthly factual report.
  • Dr. Axe - I encourage you to visit this website and learn from a Nutritionist. There is much information on this site, but what I enjoyed the most is the free ebook for which you can find the link by scrolling down the page. This site is very worthwhile.