9 Vegetarian Bbq Recipes Perfect For Summer

9 Vegetarian Bbq Recipes Perfect For Summer

Grilled Vegetable Skewers: Thread A Variety Of Colorful Vegetables Onto Skewers Brush With Marinade And Grill For A Smoky And Satisfying Side Dish.

Portobello Mushroom Burgers: Grilled Portobello Mushrooms Make A Hearty And Savory Burger Substitute. Top With Your Favorite Condiments And Veggies.

Corn On The Cob With Herb Butter: Grill Fresh Corn On The Cob And Slather It With Herb-Infused Butter For A Classic Bbq Side Dish.

Bbq Tofu Skewers: Marinate Tofu In A Flavorful Bbq Sauce Skewer And Grill For A Protein-Packed Bbq Option.

Grilled Halloumi Cheese: Halloumi Cheese Holds Up Well On The Grill And Develops A Deliciously Crispy Exterior With A Creamy Interior.

Grilled Stuffed Zucchini: Scoop Out Zucchini Centers Stuff With A Mixture Of Breadcrumbs Herbs And Cheese Then Grill Until Tender.